Excalibur cafe has opened in Glastonbury this week and is attracting a lot of local attention. Selling high quality, all vegan food, with many raw vegan options, the cafe seeks to provide a range of dishes that are both delicious and ethically sourced. The place will inevitably be popular in Glastonbury, appealing to the many locals who have an interest in alternative lifestyles, environmental issues and animal welfare. Glastonbury is well-known for its hippie heritage so it should attract quite a bit of attention.

excal outsideThe cafe is beautifully designed. Plants hang from some of the walls, a large window on the ceiling lets the sunlight pour through, – the feng-shui of the place feels zen and balanced. As soon as you walk in, you are welcomed by a banquet of refreshingly colourful vegan delights.

excal inside 2

I have a look at what they offer and order a bowl of quinoa salad with sun dried tomatoes, cucumber and parsley, with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. It was rather expensive at £6.75 small, or £11 large, but you certainly get what you pay for. The salad was light and refreshing, yet filling.

The ripeness and acidity of the sun dried tomatoes was perfectly balanced against the neutrality of the quinoa and refreshing cucumber. And the balsamic vinegar gave it an invigorating sweetness. My only concern was the price but the dish itself left me feeling refreshed, invigorated and happy knowing what I had eaten was ethically sourced.

Excalibur offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a variety of baked treats. There is a wide range of drinks, including smoothies and alcohol. To give an idea of the prices, sweet pancakes with chocolate and hazelnut spread, banana, berries and maple syrup cost £7.25, a ‘Pendragon’ burger costs £14, and a Coffee and Walnut cake is £4.10.

Overall, definitely worth a visit if you fancy something a bit more exciting than the usual vegan offerings, and don’t mind paying extra for it. The wide variety of raw options helps to set this cafe apart from others, and there are many gluten-free options too.

excal salad

You can visit Excalibur’s website to see their full menu and opening times, like them on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

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  1. Alf Skitten

    The cafe seriously needs to sort out their staffing. I have been in 4 times although only ate 3 times (ended up leaving the last time as after 40 minutes gave up waiting).

    The first time the computer allegedly crashed, and my drink order never arrived; the second time the drinks were given to another table and the third time service was slow and the drinks order was wrong.

    The food is lovely, probably the best in town, but for the price they charge for it they need to hone their service skills, especially as most of the staff are experienced.

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