Plamil So Free Vegan Chocolate Review

Looking for vegan chocolate that’s available in loads of delicious flavours, with reduced sugar and organic options? You’re in the right place! This week we were sent a selection of chocolate bars from the Plamil So Free range. They’re all totally vegan, use certified cocoa, and are made using 100% renewable energy.

We were really impressed by how wide the chocolate range is — there are loads of different types and a selection of these bars would make a great gift. Keep scrolling for our thoughts on each bar.

So Free Organic Milk Chocolate Alternative

We started with the milk chocolate alternative. It was really tasty — a good balance between chocolate-y and creamy. We really liked the thin bar, and think this would be perfect for snacking or baking.

So Free Tropical Orange Organic Dark Chocolate

Orange chocolate is always a winner, and this one was really tasty. It’s got a strong orange flavour that works really well with the dark chocolate — a nice one to buy if you miss chocolate orange at Christmas.

So Free Intense Mint Organic Dark Chocolate

We loved the peppermint flavour of this one, it was really fresh. We were impressed that all the flavoured chocolate bars in the range had good strong flavours.

So Free Espresso Dark Chocolate

This was definitely a favourite for us! The coffee flavour is really rich and the scent hits you the second you open the packet. It pairs nicely with the dark chocolate, and the smaller 35g bar size makes this a nice treat option. The packet says ‘No Added Sugar’, but you really won’t miss it!

So Free Cool Mint Dark Chocolate

Another 35g bar option that would be perfect for throwing into a lunchbox or handbag. Again, a nice strong, fresh minty flavour. This bar is also labelled ‘No Added Sugar’.

So Free Organic White Chocolate Alternative

Vegan white chocolate can be hard to find, so this is a really nice option to have. The chocolate is creamy and sweet without being too sickly, a definite bonus.

So Free Smooth Cocoa and Coconut

This Cocoa and Coconut is labelled ‘Less than 4% Sugars’ so it’s a great option if you don’t want too much sugar. The coconut flavour is noticeable without being overwhelming, and the texture is slightly different to the other bars.

So Free Organic Dark Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar

We really enjoyed this bar — it’s sweeter than dark chocolate usually is, without losing any of the richness. We haven’t come across any other chocolate that’s sweetened using coconut blossom sugar and would definitely get this bar again.

This range definitely has something for everyone — our personal favourites were the Espresso Dark Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar. We love that Plamil have so many different types of chocolate, offer low sugar and organic options, and are committed to using renewable energy.

Want to check out the full Plamil So Free vegan chocolate range? Head over to the Plamil website. You can also find Easter eggs, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolate spreads, and advent calendars.

Have you tried any of the So Free chocolate bars? Let us know what you thought in the comments or on social media!

P.S. We were sent these chocolate bars for free, but all opinions are genuine.

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