8 Reasons to Visit a Vegan Fair This Year

Are you in two minds about visiting a vegan fair? Maybe it involves travelling out of your way, or rearranging other plans? We’re here to tell you exactly why you should visit at least one vegan fair this year – although there’s a good chance you’ll want more once you realize just how great vegan events are.

1. Discover new products/companies

Vegan fairs are an excellent way to get introduced to companies you might never have come across otherwise. Some of our best vegan fair finds have come from companies we’d never even heard of – like this delicious vegan feta by Lettices. Some brands don’t have their products stocked in mainstream stores, or trade mainly locally/online, so going to a vegan event is a great way to give them a try.

2. Sample food before you buy

Vegan food can be expensive, and there’s nothing worse than splashing out on a new type of vegan cheese/chocolate/fake meat, only to find that it’s disgusting. Most traders at vegan events will have plenty of free samples on offer, so you can check that you like food before you purchase. It’s a good idea to try as many samples as possible before you decide what to buy – you don’t want to miss out on any gems at the end.

3. Support vegan businesses

Attending vegan fairs is a great way for small businesses to get the word out about their products, and get feedback from customers. By purchasing from them, you’re helping the business to grow and improve. Even if you don’t buy from every stall, even picking up a flyer and giving the company a follow/like on social media can be a big help.

4. Get vegan clothing, toiletries and make-up

Vegan food is becoming more and more common in mainstream shops, but non-food items like clothing, toiletries and make-up can sometimes be harder to find. Vegan fairs are a great place to get hold of items like this, and you’ll often find some really unique products. There’s usually plenty of printed clothing available too, perfect if you like statement T-shirts and hoodies.

5. Meet like-minded people

Vegan events can be an excellent place to meet like-minded people, particularly if you live in an area where veganism isn’t very common. Most stallholders will be happy to chat, and many events designate areas specifically for connecting with others. VegFest London features a ‘Teen Zone’ and a ‘Mature Zone’, making it easy to meet similar people while taking part in fun activities.  You could make a new best friend!

6. Attend talks and cookery demos

You’ll find a really diverse range of talks and demos at most vegan events – there’s usually something for almost everyone. We’ve seen talks on everything from vegan bodybuilding and healthy vegan diets to alternative healing and vegan activism. Cookery demos offer a great chance to pick up some new kitchen skills, and lessons on making your own vegan cheese are common.

7. Try tasty lunch options

Most vegan fairs are full of so many tasty lunch options that it can be hard to pick just one! Offerings will vary from event to event, but we’ve seen vegan pizza, vegan fish and chips, vegan hot dogs, vegan curries and more. Be sure to check outside the venue as well as inside, as food trucks often have some great offerings. Dessert options are usually plentiful as well, with cake, waffles, ice cream and froyo being some of the most popular.

8. Get freebies

Many vegan fairs are free to enter, particularly if they’re small, local events. Many fairs offer a free goodie bag to the first X number of visitors through the door, so it can pay to arrive early. You’ll often find freebies available on a number of stalls too, especially when a new company or product is being promoted.

Have we convinced you to visit a vegan fair this year?

If so, check out this list of 2017 UK vegan fairs for details of upcoming events.

It’s also helpful to join vegan Facebook groups for your local area and follow your favourite vegan brands on social media to keep up with new event announcements.

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Top Ten UK Vegan Christmas Finds 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d give you a list of our top ten festive vegan finds. If you fancy browsing our entire list, check out the Christmas section here (you can filter by supermarket on the right hand side, or at the bottom of the page on mobile).

1. Favorina Mince Pies (Lidl)

These are delicious warmed in the microwave, and come in a bigger box than most. There’s lots of good stuff in the Favorina range, including jelly fruits and turkish delight – see our Lidl section for more.

2. Penguin Bites (Tesco)

Fun Christmas crisps, perfect if you don’t want to eat too many sugary snacks.

3. Dark Chocolate and Orange Thins (Morrison’s)

These make a fun change from mint thins, and could be used in place of a chocolate orange.

4. Iced Mince Pies (Sainsbury’s)

Most mince pies don’t come with icing, so these are a fun novelty! Also free from gluten.

5. Chocolate and Hazelnut Churros (Tesco)

Warm vegan churros filled with chocolate and topped with glittery cinnamon sugar. What more could you want?

6. Gold Shimmer Hot Chocolate (Waitrose)

Shimmery hot chocolate – just mix with your favourite plant milk.

7. Chocolate Fondant Truffles (Tesco)

These truffles are really tasty with soft, melty centres. Good substitute for Lindt chocolates and nice to display in a bowl.

8. Merry Moos Selection Box (Sainsbury’s)

Lots of different fun flavours of vegan chocolate, all in a cute festive box. Perfect for kids.

9. Meat Free Festive Nut Roast (Tesco)

This festive nut roast comes with a fancy cranberry and port sauce and is clearly marked vegan on the box.

10. Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding (Morrison’s)

Morrison’s have a few vegan-friendly Xmas puds, including this one, an alcohol-free version, and a gluten-free option.

We hope this list has given you a few festive shopping ideas! Let us know your best finds below or on social media.

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Top UK Vegan Halloween Treats 2016

It’s not long until Halloween, so we’ve put together a list of spooky vegan treats available in the UK. Most of these items are available for a limited time, so stock up if there’s anything you really like!

Halloween Tube of Rich Dark Treacle Crunch Biscuits from Wilkinson’s


These biscuits are pretty unusual – they aren’t too sweet and have a rich treacle flavour. Nice change from sweets and come in a fun tube.

Toffee Apple from Morrison’s


Toffee apple for 57p! Make sure you check the label – this one contains E22 which is vegan-friendly, but there’s one on their website that uses carmine.

Dark Chocolate Bat Lolly from Lidl


This cute dark chocolate bat is one of three chocolate lollies sold at Lidl, but he’s the only one that’s vegan!

Zombie Fingers Wotsits from Asda


These limited edition Wotsits are ‘Flamin’ Hot’ flavour rather than cheese, and suitable for vegans. They’re limited edition, so we’d recommend stocking up if you’re a fan.

Strawberry & Butternut Bear Claws from Asda


For a healthier option, try these ‘bear claws’. Made from only apples, pears, strawberries, butternut and black carrot extract. There’s also a green variety with apple, pear and pumpkin.

Trick or Treat Starburst from Asda


A mix of sweet and sour sweets – good for party games.

Various items from M&S

There are loads of vegan sweets available at M&S if you’re looking for a good mix – check out their latest vegan list here. Highlights include spooky crisps, fizzy spiders, and jelly brains.

Have you made any vegan Halloween discoveries this year? Let us know below or on social media!

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Mr Kipling Jam Tarts No Longer Vegan

Mr Kipling jam tarts are sadly no longer vegan, as milk and milk protein have been added to the recipe. See the new ingredients below.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.01.38








If you’re disappointed by this change, why not tweet Mr Kipling and let them know? In the meantime, these yummy free from jam tarts from Sainsbury’s are a nice replacement.

sainsburys free from jam tart

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Where to Buy Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream in the UK

There’s a surprisingly good selection of vegan chocolate ice cream sold in UK supermarkets – check out the list below. These vary in price, flavour and ingredients so there should be one to suit you.

Swedish Glace Chocolate Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Swedish Glace Chocolate Non Dairy Ice Cream 750Ml

This soy chocolate ice cream tastes exactly like regular chocolate ice cream, and is one of the cheaper options. Currently sold in Tesco and Waitrose. Also available in strawberry and vanilla.

Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Chocolate Iced Dessert

Sainsbury's Deliciously Freefrom Chocolate Iced Dessert 480ml

A fairly new offering from Sainsbury’s, based on coconut milk, this is also available in strawberry. We’ve heard great reviews of both flavours.

Antonio Russo Dairy-Free Chocolato

Antonio Russo Dairy-Free Chocolato 500ml

This slightly more exotic option includes orange zest, which makes a nice change. Sold in Waitrose.

Jude’s Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Jude's dairy free chocolate ice cream 500ml

Another Waitrose option, we’ve heard mixed reviews about this one. Some say the flavour is too dark/bitter.

Booja-Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate Ice Cream

booja choc ice cream

A luxury option, this is sold in Waitrose, some branches of Holland and Barrett, and many independent health stores. Good once-in-a-while treat option.

You can also try vegan frozen yoghurt and frozen smoothie, both available in chocolate flavours. What’s your favourite vegan ice cream?

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Where To Buy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies in the UK

Did you think going vegan meant no more chocolate chip cookies? Think again! Listed below are some tasty, vegan-friendly cookies available in the UK. You won’t need to go to any specialist shops to get hold of them – just pop to your local supermarket.

Tesco Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tesco Free From Chocolate Chip Cookie Dairy Free 145G

Perfect if you’re looking for a gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip cookie, this own brand Tesco product is nice and crunchy, with a good flavour and plenty of chocolate chips. It’s definitely not the most decadent option though, so read on if that’s what you’re looking for.

Fox’s Chunkie Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chunks

fox dark choc chip

These Fox’s Chunkie Cookies are the definite winner for us as far as taste goes. Nice and crunchy/crumbly, not too sweet, with extra large chocolate chips. These are a great treat, and are quite often on offer for £1 in various supermarkets. It’s also worth checking bargain shops, as these can sometimes be found there too. Be sure to pick up the dark chocolate version – there is also a milk chocolate version which is not vegan friendly.

Choc Chip Hobnobs

Mcvitie's Hobnob Chocolate Chip 300G

The classic Hobnob biscuit, filled with chocolate chips – what’s not to love? These always go down well with both vegans and non-vegans, and are perfect for dipping into a cup of tea. They’re definitely the most sickly option in this list, but that means the pack usually lasts longer! These are currently available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

If you’d like to bake your own vegan chocolate chip cookies, check out our quick and easy recipe video.

You can browse our full list of vegan biscuits sold in UK supermarkets here – don’t forger you can filter by shop on the right hand side of the page, or at the bottom on mobile.

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Where to Get Vegan Pizza in the UK

“But what about pizza?!” This is one of the most common questions you might hear after telling someone that you’re vegan. This list shows that going vegan doesn’t mean giving up pizza, as there are still loads of delicious options available.

We’ve split this list into three sections: takeaway, frozen, and high street restaurant, so hopefully you’ll find something relevant to you. Bon appetit!

Takeaway Vegan Pizza in the UK

Papa John’s

papa johns sauc

All of Papa John’s bases are vegan – just ask them to remove the cheese. We recommend the Garden Party with no cheese and extra mushrooms. Their garlic dipping sauce is also vegan, as are the potato wedges and corn on the cob.

Pizza Hut Delivery

sides pizza hut

The pan base is vegan friendly – just add all the veggies you like. The garlic bread and potato wedges are also vegan – yay! You can check the full allergen and nutrition info here.



There are lots of independent takeaways offering excellent vegan options. This helpful article from PetaUK lists them according to location. Pictured is a pizza from Basilico in London.

Frozen Vegan Pizza in the UK

Cheezly and Tomato Pizza

cheezly and tomato pizza

This vegan frozen pizza is available from Ocado, Holland and Barrett, or direct from VBites website. It’s quite small, but has reasonable reviews and is a great quick and easy option. This pizza could easily be topped with vegetables for a healthier, more filling meal.

Valsoia Dairy Free Pizza with Vegetables

valsoia pizza

This dairy free veggie pizza from Valsoia is available through Ocado here. Check out the rest of the range for items like chocolate spread and ice cream sandwiches.

Vegan Pizza at UK Restaurants

Pizza Express

pizza express pianta

Try the Pianta, a cheese free pizza topped with mushrooms, spinach, artichoke and pine nuts. Very tasty and slightly spicy. You can also choose any other pizza and ask for the cheese to be removed. Pizza Express even allow you to take in your own vegan cheese to be added to your pizza (it must be in a sealed packet with a visible use by date.) For dessert, there’s a nice sorbet available in two flavours.


vegan zizzi

The first high street restaurant to offer a vegan cheese on their pizzas, Zizzi is a great option. The vegan margherita is topped with tomato, Mozzarisella cheese (made from rice milk), and basil. You can add extra veggie toppings and there are quite a few vegan starters and sides (the bruschetta looks delicious), plus gelato for dessert.

Ask Italian

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.35.01

The bases here are vegan, so just ask for the cheese to be removed and add a few extra toppings. You can also enjoy Rosemary and Sea Salt bread as a starter, and sorbet for dessert.

UPDATE 1/2/17: Pizza Express 

Pizza Express now provide an official list of their vegan-friendly options here, including various bases, sauces toppings and salad bar items.

This is just a small selection of all the places you can get vegan pizza in the UK – let us know your favourite and we’ll add it to the list.

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Vegan Cheese and Onion Crisps at Poundland

Did you know that ‘accidentally’ vegan cheese and onion crisps are available on the high street in the UK?!

We found these Cofresh Cheese and Onion Potato Grills at Poundland. They taste a bit like Quavers, but with a crunchier texture and different shape.cofresh cheese and onion

Check out the ingredients list below.

Native Potato Starch, Potato Solids (40%), Modified Potato Starch, Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed), Salt, Cheese and Onion Seasoning (2.5%) (Rice Flour, Onion Powder, Salt, Yeast Extract Powder, Sugar, Yeast Powder, Garlic Powder, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Natural Colour (Paprika)

We’re not sure if these crisps are available in every branch of Poundland as stock can sometimes vary. It’s definitely worth a look though.

If you’d like to buy vegan cheese and onion crisps online, we recommend Ten Acre, available here on Amazon. These are pricier, but are hand cooked and have more of a luxury feel, so great as a treat or gift.


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Top Vegan Products on Amazon UK

While it’s great finding vegan products in the local shops, sometimes you want the convenience of ordering online, or are looking for something special that’s not available near you. Shopping online often offers the chance to buy in larger quantities and save a little, too.

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be some of the best vegan products currently available to buy on Amazon.co.uk. If you have any suggestions of your own, please comment at the bottom!

Fabulous Fudge Factory Dairy Free Fudge 200g (Pack of 3)

We think that this fudge tastes exactly like the real thing, and although the bag isn’t massive it usually lasts quite a long time, being so sweet. Chopping the fudge into smaller pieces makes a great topping for cakes or ice cream.

Pocket Sriracha – Mini Hot Sauce Bottle Keychain

This isn’t technically food, but if you’re a vegan who loves sriracha, then it’s a fun way to take your favourite condiment on the go! It would also make a cute gift. If you don’t already own a bottle of sriracha to fill this keyring up with, that’s available to buy too.

Celtic Choices Caramel

This could be the nicest tasting vegan milk chocolate we’ve ever tried, and the filling is delicious, soft and caramel-y. These are a great gift and perfect if you’re missing soft centred chocolate truffles.

Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g (Pack of 6)

This firm vegan favourite is available in a pack of 6, so perfect if you fancy treating yourself or want to stock up. If you liked Nutella, chances are you’ll love this vegan hazelnut chocolate bar. It’s especially popular with those who aren’t keen on dark chocolate.

VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart, 4-Ounce Carton Egg Replacer

This fairly new vegan egg replacer boasts the fact that it can be scrambled just like the real thing! It’s also suitable for cooking and baking, similar to more traditional egg replacers.

Ten Acre When Cheese Met Onion crisps 40g (Pack of 18)

If you’re missing cheese and onion crisps then online shopping is the best way to go, as most brands in the shops contain milk/cheese powder. This offering from Ten Acre is delicious – they taste just like ‘posh’ cheese and onion crisps.

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Top 5 Vegan Film Foods

Are you the type of person who sneaks your own popcorn into the cinema? Or do you prefer to stay at home with Netflix and a sofa full of snacks? Either way, our list of vegan film foods should give you some ideas for your next movie night.

BONUS: All of these vegan snacks can be purchased in normal UK supermarkets! (click on items to find out where to buy)

1. Popcorn

We’ll start with the classic – you really can’t go wrong with popcorn. Loads of varieties are vegan friendly, but classic cinema sweet is our favourite.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not give this Sweet Chilli and Zesty Lime variety a go?

Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn 120GButterkist Sweet Chilli & Zesty Lime Popcorn 80g


2. Nachos

Warm nachos and salsa is delicious, and could even be justified as slightly healthy. Tomatoes are good for you, right? Most plain tortilla chips are vegan, and the cheap varieties are normally just as good as their pricier counterparts. (Watch out for guacamole – many varieties contain milk, although the one below is fine.)

Tesco Everyday Value Ltly Salted Tortillas 200G             Sainsbury's Guacamole, Be Good To Yourself 170g            Tesco Mild Salsa Dip 300G


If you want something more substantial, the kit below contains tortilla chips, bean salsa, and tomato salsa. Layer, top with grated Violife cheese, pop under the grill, and then enjoy!

Tesco Nachos Meal Kit MildFree From Violife Block Cheese Alternative 200G









3. Fruit and Dip

I’m sure you all know where to buy fruit, but did you know that there are loads of delicious vegan spreads and icings, perfect for dipping? Check out a few of our favourites below:

Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Icinglotus crunchyASDA Extra Special Dark Chocolate Spread with Cocoa Nibs

4. Sweets

Another cinema classic, it can sometimes be hard to find vegan sweets in sharing sized bags. M&S is particularly good for vegan sweets (usually found near the tills), but here are some options available in other supermarkets.

Starburst Fruit Chews FaveRedsNew - Fabulous Free From Factory Dairy Free Raspberry Ice Bites 75gSkittles Confused Bigger BagWaitrose fruit jellies 225gWaitrose fizzy strawberry laces 100g

5. Crunchy Snacks

There are loads of tasty vegan snacks that aren’t quite crisps, but are crunchy, salty and delicious. Mix up different varieties in a big sharing bowl for added excitement!

Tesco Barbeque Crackers 150GSensations lime & coriander poppadoms 82.5gJacobs Thai sweet chilli cracker crisps 150g

essential Waitrose bacon rashers 100gRitz Crisp & Thin Salt & Vinegar 100gWalkers Market Deli garlic & herbs sharing pita chips 165g

Did we miss your favourite vegan film food? Let us know in the comments. Want to see more articles like this? We’d welcome your suggestions!

If you’d like to keep up to date with our posts, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

For more UK vegan shopping tips, click here.

New Vegan Eat Natural Bar

You may be familiar with Eat Natural bars as products which appear to be vegan, but on closer inspection contain honey. Well, not anymore! This new bar from Eat Natural contains maple syrup, pecans and peanuts, and it is completely vegan.

If you enjoy the bar, be sure to get in touch with Eat Natural to let them know, and hopefully they may introduce more vegan products in the future. Tweet them here.

Are Eat Natural bars vegan? As of March 2016, only the bar below is vegan.

Eat Natural Bars Maple Syrup Pecan And Peanut 45G

Vegan Naan Bread in UK Supermarket

Having searched many times for vegan naan bread with no success (most contain milk), I was very excited to see this new range from Asda. Three different flavours of naan bread, each in packs of three, and only £1.69 per pack.

The Clay Oven Bakery Ltd 3 Garlic & Coriander Naan BreadsThe Clay Oven Bakery Ltd 3 Spicy Naan BreadsThe Clay Oven Bakery Ltd 3 Plain Naan Breads

Choose from plain, spicy, or garlic and coriander, and enjoy a vegan accompaniment to your favourite curry! If you’re interested in vegan indian ready meals or sides, check out our Chilled Indian Ready Meals section. Asda do a great selection of items that are ready to cook.

ASDA Chosen by You 12 Mini Bhaji & Pakora FeastASDA Saag Aloo Side for 2ASDA Pilau Rice with Aromatic Spices

How do you feel about vegan ready meals? Do you like them, or prefer to cook from scratch? Comment below!

Vegan Easter Eggs UK – 2016

Worried you’ll miss out this Easter? Luckily there are plenty of vegan Easter eggs available in normal supermarkets, as well as online. We’ve listed a few top picks here, but if you’d like to search our entire Easter section, click here. You can filter results by supermarket, and leave ratings and reviews to help other visitors!

ASDA Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange Discs

ASDA Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange Discs

This egg from Asda comes in a cute box, includes some chocolate orange coins, and is free from gluten. Perfect option for orange lovers.

Buy from Asda

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Large Easter Egg

booja egg

If you’re looking for a luxury vegan Easter egg, then this large egg from Booja Booja is definitely the one for you. Hazelnut truffles inside a beautifully decorated egg shaped box (which would make a lovely decoration) this is a great option for adults or teens. There’s no actual chocolate egg involved though, so give this one a miss if that’s what you’re after! Free from gluten and soya.

Buy from Amazon

Choices Dairy Free Caramel Easter Egg

choices egg

This is the best vegan milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted, and the caramels that come with the egg are delicious – it’s a shame only three are included. If you’re not too bothered about the egg part, then I’d recommend just buying a box of the chocolates instead! Links to both options are below.

Buy from Sainsbury’s

Buy Choices Egg from Amazon

Buy Caramel Choices Chocolates from Amazon

Divine Fairtrade Luxury 70% Dark Chocolate Eggdivine yellow egg

If you fancy something dark, then this Fairtrade egg is a nice option. The box is a nice cheerful yellow, and it includes solid chocolate mini eggs.

Buy from Waitrose

Buy from Amazon

Moo Free Easter bunnycomb egg 100g

bunnycomb egg

This honeycomb egg is a great choice if you want something a bit more exciting than plain milk chocolate, but don’t fancy the caramel egg above. Free from gluten, and in a cute box that should appeal to kids. There are a few other varieties of Moo Free egg available, including orange, making them a good option if you’re buying for more than one person.

Buy from Waitrose

Buy from Amazon

Which vegan egg will you be buying this Easter? Let us know in the comments!

Top 5 Vegan Jammie Dodger Alternatives

Jammie Dodgers are no longer vegan, with the addition of milk protein to their recipe, but don’t despair! There are plenty of alternatives to Jammie Dodgers readily available in the UK. See below for a few different varieties, and details on where to purchase them.

Prewetts Free From Jammy Wheels

New - Prewetts Free From Jammy Wheels 160g

Buy from Morrison’s

Buy from Waitrose

Buy from Amazon (Pack of 8 for £12)

ASDA Free From Jammy Wheels

ASDA Free From Jammy Wheels

Buy from Asda

Tesco Jammy Rings

tesco jammy rings

Buy from Tesco

UPDATE 13/03/16 – We’ve heard some mixed reviews of whether or not these have been changed to contain milk, like the branded Jammie Dodgers. They are still showing as vegan on Tesco’s website, and have been confirmed as milk-free by Tesco on Twitter, but be sure to check ingredients before you buy!

Lovemore Free From Jammy Wheels

lovemore jammy wheels

Buy from Ocado

Buy from Amazon

Belvita Tops Strawberry Jam

belvita strawberry tops

Buy from Tesco

If you’re still missing Jammie Dodgers, then you could sign this petition to make them dairy free again, or stock up on old packs – the new variety say “Best Recipe Ever.” Be sure to check the ingredients too! If you fancy browsing more vegan biscuits, check out our Biscuit category – you can filter products by supermarket too.

If one of your favourite biscuits is ‘accidentally vegan’, then why not contact the manufacturer and let them know that you appreciate it? You could help to prevent recipe changes like this from occurring in the future.

Where can I buy vegan Quorn in the UK?

UPDATE 16/03/16: Quorn said this on Twitter: “Quorn Vegan products NOW available in selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Morrison stores. Visit: http://www.quorn.co.uk/vegan/

Vegan Quorn is currently not as widespread as the more established vegetarian Quorn (writing in February 2016). If you’re struggling to track down the new products, check out the list of stockists from Quorn at the link below. ASDA and Waitrose are currently the only two supermarkets to stock vegan Quorn, with some carrying one product but not the other:


Unfortunately, you can’t find vegan Quorn at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s or The Co-op, although this may change. If you can’t find a physical shop that sells Quorn near you, don’t despair. Ocado, the home delivery service, also stocks vegan Quorn, and delivers to most postcodes.

Once you’ve found your Quorn, why not try one of these recipes? We like the look of the nachos

nachos 435x450