Whole Creations Chocolate and Vanilla Cones 4x120ml



Chocolate and Vanilla Cones: SOYA based extract 39% (Water; Hulled SOYA Beans 8%), Gluten Free Cone 23% ^Corn Flour; Corn Starch; Sugar; Coconut Oil; Emulsifier (Lecithins); Salt; Natural Flavours); Dark Chocolate Coating 17% ^Dark Chocolate 70% (Cocoa Mass; Sugar; CocOA Butter; Emulsifier (Lecithins: SOYA); Natural Vanilla FlavoUR); COConut Oil]; Coconut Oil; Sugar; Rice Syrup; HAZELNUT Pieces 1.5%; Vegetable Proteins; Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids); Thickeners (Locust Bean Gum); Stabilizer (Sodium Alginate); Natural Flavours


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