Where can I buy vegan Quorn in the UK?

UPDATE 16/03/16: Quorn said this on Twitter: “Quorn Vegan products NOW available in selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Morrison stores. Visit: http://www.quorn.co.uk/vegan/

Vegan Quorn is currently not as widespread as the more established vegetarian Quorn (writing in February 2016). If you’re struggling to track down the new products, check out the list of stockists from Quorn at the link below. ASDA and Waitrose are currently the only two supermarkets to stock vegan Quorn, with some carrying one product but not the other:


Unfortunately, you can’t find vegan Quorn at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s or The Co-op, although this may change. If you can’t find a physical shop that sells Quorn near you, don’t despair. Ocado, the home delivery service, also stocks vegan Quorn, and delivers to most postcodes.

Once you’ve found your Quorn, why not try one of these recipes? We like the look of the nachos

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