Top 5 Vegan Jammie Dodger Alternatives

Jammie Dodgers are no longer vegan, with the addition of milk protein to their recipe, but don’t despair! There are plenty of alternatives to Jammie Dodgers readily available in the UK. See below for a few different varieties, and details on where to purchase them.

Prewetts Free From Jammy Wheels

New - Prewetts Free From Jammy Wheels 160g

Buy from Morrison’s

Buy from Waitrose

Buy from Amazon (Pack of 8 for £12)

ASDA Free From Jammy Wheels

ASDA Free From Jammy Wheels

Buy from Asda

Tesco Jammy Rings

tesco jammy rings

Buy from Tesco

UPDATE 13/03/16 – We’ve heard some mixed reviews of whether or not these have been changed to contain milk, like the branded Jammie Dodgers. They are still showing as vegan on Tesco’s website, and have been confirmed as milk-free by Tesco on Twitter, but be sure to check ingredients before you buy!

Lovemore Free From Jammy Wheels

lovemore jammy wheels

Buy from Ocado

Buy from Amazon

Belvita Tops Strawberry Jam

belvita strawberry tops

Buy from Tesco

If you’re still missing Jammie Dodgers, then you could sign this petition to make them dairy free again, or stock up on old packs – the new variety say “Best Recipe Ever.” Be sure to check the ingredients too! If you fancy browsing more vegan biscuits, check out our Biscuit category – you can filter products by supermarket too.

If one of your favourite biscuits is ‘accidentally vegan’, then why not contact the manufacturer and let them know that you appreciate it? You could help to prevent recipe changes like this from occurring in the future.

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