Zizzi Release Vegan Menu featuring Vegan Mozzarella Pizza

Zizzi, the high street Italian chain restaurant, have launched a new vegan pizza, featuring vegan Mozzarella cheese, and your choice of vegetable toppings. This puts them ahead of Pizza Express, who allow you take in your own vegan cheese to be added to their pizzas, but don’t offer it themselves.

If you don’t fancy pizza, Zizzi also offer a tomato pasta dish, which can be customised with extra vegetables. There are a few sides to choose from, and several flavours of sorbet or gelato for dessert. The majority of their wines are vegan friendly, too. Check out the full menu below (click to view a larger version!)

zizii vegan menu

It’s great to see more and more chains starting to cater to vegans. You can follow Zizzi on Twitter – let them know what you think of the new vegan menu! If you’d like more info about eating out vegan in the UK, check out our selection of UK Vegan Menus (official and unofficial.)

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