Ask Italian Unofficial Vegan Menu

UPDATE 2017: Ask Italian now offer a full vegan menu, including vegan mozzarella. Check out the Ask Italian vegan menu here.

Ask Italian doesn’t offer much in the way of vegan options, but you can still enjoy a tasty meal here. Their pizza bases and sauces are vegan, and can be ordered without cheese + with extra veggie toppings. There’s also a tomato pasta option – not that exciting, but still nice. Check out our full unofficial vegan menu below:


Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread

Italian Olives


Olive Tapenade Dip

Spicy Tomato and Basil Dip


Zucchine Fritte

Roasted New Charlotte Potatoes


Verdure Pizza (ask for no cheese and add extra toppings)

Spaghetti al Pomodoro (ask for no cheese)


Raspberry Sorbetto

Mango Sorbetto


Top Your Own Pizza (ask for no cheese and choose veggie toppings)


Plum Tomatoes

Fruity Ice Lolly (Tropical or Strawberry)

Apple Juice (Orange Juice marked as non-vegan)

If you’d like to see more vegan options at Ask Italian, or better labelling/a dedicated vegan menu, why not contact them and say so? Many other high street restaurants have started to offer more vegan dishes, and it can’t hurt to let others know that the demand is there.

You can view the full Ask allergen menu here.


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