Review: humblestuff Handmade Vegan Cleaning Products


This week we’ve been testing two products from humblestuff – a UK producer of handmade, cruelty free cleaning supplies. humblestuff use simple ingredients, and describe themselves as, “honest, ethical and humble.” Cleaning products can be one of the hardest thingsĀ to find as a vegan, so we were excited to try these out.

The first product we tested was the Soft Cleaning Paste. This has a lovely minty fragrance, and comes in a handy tub. The instructions suggested diluting the product with warm water, or using neat on stubborn dirt. We tried both techniques, and were very pleased with the results.


Using an old toothbrush, we applied the product to some stubborn stains around the edge of our bathroom taps. Leaving the product for a few minutes, then scrubbing off and rinsing had great results, and we’ll definitely use it like this again. Diluted with water, the paste did an excellent job of cleaning ceramic surfaces all around the bathroom. The minty smell makes this one especially bathroom appropriate, in our opinion.

hsindoorsNext up was the multi-surface cleaning spray. The Lavender and Patchouli scent was very nice, and made a change from the harsh chemical smell that products like this can sometimes leave behind. This spray worked well at cleaning kitchen counter tops, and not too much was needed. We also used it to clean bedroom and living room surfaces, and the pleasant aroma makes it great for these rooms – no need to use air freshener!

We were impressed by both products, having never used handmade cleaning supplies before. The paste was unique and fun to use, and we imagine it will last a long time as a little goes a long way. The spray is a great all round product that could be kept handy in any room for giving surfaces a quick clean.

It’s great to know that by buying from humblestuff, you’re supporting an ethical, UK based company. Thumbs up from us!

Check out the humblestuff website here, and follow them on Twitter here.

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