Top Vegan Products on Amazon UK

While it’s great finding vegan products in the local shops, sometimes you want the convenience of ordering online, or are looking for something special that’s not available near you. Shopping online often offers the chance to buy in larger quantities and save a little, too.

We’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be some of the best vegan products currently available to buy on If you have any suggestions of your own, please comment at the bottom!

Fabulous Fudge Factory Dairy Free Fudge 200g (Pack of 3)

We think that this fudge tastes exactly like the real thing, and although the bag isn’t massive it usually lasts quite a long time, being so sweet. Chopping the fudge into smaller pieces makes a great topping for cakes or ice cream.

Pocket Sriracha – Mini Hot Sauce Bottle Keychain

This isn’t technically food, but if you’re a vegan who loves sriracha, then it’s a fun way to take your favourite condiment on the go! It would also make a cute gift. If you don’t already own a bottle of sriracha to fill this keyring up with, that’s available to buy too.

Celtic Choices Caramel

This could be the nicest tasting vegan milk chocolate we’ve ever tried, and the filling is delicious, soft and caramel-y. These are a great gift and perfect if you’re missing soft centred chocolate truffles.

Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g (Pack of 6)

This firm vegan favourite is available in a pack of 6, so perfect if you fancy treating yourself or want to stock up. If you liked Nutella, chances are you’ll love this vegan hazelnut chocolate bar. It’s especially popular with those who aren’t keen on dark chocolate.

VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart, 4-Ounce Carton Egg Replacer

This fairly new vegan egg replacer boasts the fact that it can be scrambled just like the real thing! It’s also suitable for cooking and baking, similar to more traditional egg replacers.

Ten Acre When Cheese Met Onion crisps 40g (Pack of 18)

If you’re missing cheese and onion crisps then online shopping is the best way to go, as most brands in the shops contain milk/cheese powder. This offering from Ten Acre is delicious – they taste just like ‘posh’ cheese and onion crisps.

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