Pudology Chocolate Pud Review

We picked up a Pudology Deeply Decadent Chocolate Pud at Holland and Barrett this week – read on to hear our verdict!

pudology choc pud


Usually £1.99, this pudding was reduced to 99p in our local Holland and Barrett, making it more affordable. Almost £2 for a single pudding feels like a lot to pay, so it’s worth looking out for special offers like this. However, this pudding does live up to the word ‘decadent’ in its name, and we felt that it was worth the money.

Select branches of Waitrose also stock these puddings, costing £2.99 for two – worth checking out if you plan to purchase Pudology puds regularly.


The main ingredient of the pudding is coconut milk, but the flavour isn’t overwhelming and we think it’s definitely possible to enjoy this dessert even if you’re not a coconut fan. The chocolate flavour is dark and rich, and just sweet enough without being too sickly. The texture is thick and creamy, and it definitely melts in your mouth.

This product is very different to a cheap chocolate pudding from the supermarket, and definitely tastes like a luxury dessert which you would buy as a treat to savour.

It comes in a plastic tub with a lid which can be popped back on. As the pudding is so rich you could easily eat in two separate sittings, which makes the resealable tub handy.


A delicious pudding that really tastes like an indulgent treat. A bit pricey, but great to buy once in a while or when on offer!

various puds

Pudology offer a few different flavours of pudding. We’ve also tried the Chocolate Orange, which would have to be our favourite as it’s a little more exciting than just plain chocolate.

What do you think of Pudology? Let us know in the comments below.

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