“But what about pizza?!” This is one of the most common questions you might hear after telling someone that you’re vegan. This list shows that going vegan doesn’t mean giving up pizza, as there are still loads of delicious options available.

We’ve split this list into three sections: takeaway, frozen, and high street restaurant, so hopefully you’ll find something relevant to you. Bon appetit!

Takeaway Vegan Pizza in the UK

Papa John’s

papa johns sauc

All of Papa John’s bases are vegan – just ask them to remove the cheese. We recommend the Garden Party with no cheese and extra mushrooms. Their garlic dipping sauce is also vegan, as are the potato wedges and corn on the cob.

Pizza Hut Delivery

sides pizza hut

The pan base is vegan friendly – just add all the veggies you like. The garlic bread and potato wedges are also vegan – yay! You can check the full allergen and nutrition info here.



There are lots of independent takeaways offering excellent vegan options. This helpful article from PetaUK lists them according to location. Pictured is a pizza from Basilico in London.

Frozen Vegan Pizza in the UK

Cheezly and Tomato Pizza

cheezly and tomato pizza

This vegan frozen pizza is available from Ocado, Holland and Barrett, or direct from VBites website. It’s quite small, but has reasonable reviews and is a great quick and easy option. This pizza could easily be topped with vegetables for a healthier, more filling meal.

Valsoia Dairy Free Pizza with Vegetables

valsoia pizza

This dairy-free veggie pizza from Valsoia is available through Ocado here. Check out the rest of the range for items like chocolate spread and ice cream sandwiches.

The White Rabbit Pizza Co. 

The ‘Smokin Vegan’ from The White Rabbit Pizza Co is available in select branches of Sainsbury’s.

Wicked Kitchen

In 2018, Tesco released two sourdough pizzas as part of their plant-based Wicked Kitchen range – Caponata, and BBQ Mushroom. We’ve heard great reviews of both!

Goodfella’s Vegan Stonebaked Falafel Pizza

This frozen vegan pizza from Goodfella’s is set to be released in March 2018. It’s frozen and will cost £2.50, making it a cheaper option than many other vegan pizzas.

Vegan Pizza at UK Restaurants

Pizza Express

pizza express pianta

Try the Pianta, a cheese free pizza topped with mushrooms, spinach, artichoke and pine nuts. Very tasty and slightly spicy. You can also choose any other pizza and ask for the cheese to be removed.

***Update: In March 2017, Pizza Express released the delicious vegan Giardiniera. You can ask for their vegan mozzarella to be added to any other pizza, and they now have a dedicated ‘vegan choices‘ page on their website.

Vegan Giardiniera from Pizza Express



vegan zizzi

The first high street restaurant to offer a vegan cheese on their pizzas, Zizzi is a great option. The vegan margherita is topped with tomato, Mozzarisella cheese (made from rice milk), and basil. You can add extra veggie toppings and there are quite a few vegan starters and sides (the bruschetta looks delicious), plus gelato for dessert.

Ask Italian

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.35.01

The bases here are vegan, so just ask for the cheese to be removed and add a few extra toppings. You can also enjoy Rosemary and Sea Salt bread as a starter, and sorbet for dessert.

***Update: As of March 2017, Ask Italian now offer a full vegan menu, including vegan mozzarella, vegan dough balls and a vegan chocolate torte. Check it out here.

Vegan pizza with cheese from Ask Italian!

Pizza Hut

In January 2018, Pizza Hut began offering Violife cheese as a topping for their pizzas – yay. You can see all the details on what’s vegan on this page. 

Buying Vegan Pizza in the UK


This is just a small selection of all the places you can get vegan pizza in the UK – let us know your favourite and we’ll add it to the list.

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  1. Cammy Gillespie

    AS OF JANUARY 2017 PIZZA HUT DO VEGAN PIZZA! Looked about online for ages at Domino’s/Papa John’s/etc. then found this page…

    Pan Dough, All American Thin Dough and Flatbread Dough are vegan but having said that, I couldn’t see american or sourdough on the takeaway menu… but just order pan and select no cheese and you’re sorted!

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