Itsu Vegetable Festival Noodle Cup Review (Vegan + Gluten Free)

We gave this Itsu Vegetable Noodle Cup a try recently – it’s a handy quick vegan lunch/snack option that makes a change from Pot Noodles. It’s also gluten free, which often isn’t the case with this kind of product.

Normally sold for about two quid, it’s a bit pricier than other similar options. The cup feels sturdy though, and inside you get a few different packets, which is quite novel but maybe not the most economical use of packaging. The included pink spork is cute and durable enough to keep.


The sachet contains a spicy dark red paste, which you pop into the cup alongside the noodles and some boiling water. Leave for three minutes, and the result is a nice, flavourful noodle soup. There are no solid vegetables included – the pack suggests adding your own, which would definitely be a nice addition, but isn’t very convenient if you’re buying this on the go.

itsu noodles

We found the flavour to be very nice, full, and a little spicy. Unfortunately, even after a lot of stirring, the noodles seemed quite stuck together. The result was a meal that was quite difficult to eat, with the noodles being very long and awkward to pick up. This difficulty would put us off buying this again, although the flavour was perfect.

Our conclusion: Excellent flavour, but tricky to eat! Only buy if you’re good with noodles.

If you’ve tried this, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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