Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella Shreds Taste Test

We’ve got a mini review of the Follow Your Heart Mozzarella Shreds for you today. We haven’t tested this cheese’s cooking or melting abilities yet, so we’ll be focusing purely on the taste and texture when uncooked.

Follow Your Heart is an American company whose products seem to be slowly making their way over to the UK – they’re also behind the scramble-able ‘VeganEgg’. We picked up our mozzarella from Natural Healthy Foods in Birmingham, but decided to pass on the rather pricey fake egg.

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The cheese comes in a handy resealable bag – useful since you get quite a lot and chances are it won’t all be used at once. We chose Mozzarella rather than one of the other two flavours as there are quite a few cheddar style cheese alternatives already available, and we’d been on the lookout for more of a crumbly, white cheese – something like a vegan Wensleydale.

melts great fyh


How was the taste?

Most new vegan cheeses we’ve tried have taken a while to get accustomed to, and the same was true of this one. Straight out of the packet, the cheese had a reasonably nice, if slightly odd, creamy taste, and a slightly tangy aftertaste which was very reminiscent of real cheese. The texture was a little powdery though, and we’d definitely recommend trying this cheese in combination with other foods, rather than just eating a handful on its own!

Sandwiches were where this cheese really shone, with the slight tangy flavour giving a great, authentic taste to a good old fashioned cheese and tomato sandwich. It also tasted good sprinkled on top of a jacket potato and baked beans, topped with onion and a generous amount of black pepper.

We’d definitely recommend giving this a go if you’re looking for something different to the usual cheddar alternatives. It wasn’t perfect, but is a nice option to have. We’ll be buying this product again, and will post a longer review covering how well it melts in various dishes.

Have you tried any of the Follow Your Heart cheeses? Let us know your thoughts.

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