GoMaxGo Vegan Chocolate Bar Reviews

We recently tried three vegan chocolate bars from GoMaxGo – the Buccaneer (like a Mars Bar), the Twilight (like a Milky Way), and the 2fer (like a Twix). Read on to find out what we thought!

We got hold of these chocolate bars at a local vegan fair. Events like this are worth looking out for as you can often pick up items that aren’t widely available in shops. It’s also a great way to support vegan/ethical small businesses.

We paid £2 for each of our bars, and this seems similar to the price you’d pay when buying online. Although pricey, these bars are fun as a one-off treat.

Twilight Bar

twilight bar

This vegan Mars Bar alternative lived up to expectations. The nougat was nice and soft, the caramel tasted good, and the chocolate coating was authentically milky. True to Mars Bar form, this bar was very sickly – you could definitely save half for later to make it last longer!

2fer Bar


Out of the three bars we tried, this is the only one we probably wouldn’t buy again. This bar is described as being similar to a Twix, but the cookie layer is very soft and a little bland – not like they distinctive, crunchy base of a Twix. The chocolate is nice, but the caramel layer is very thin and barely noticeable. It’s not horrible, but if you were a huge Twix fan then this bar will probably disappoint.

Buccaneer Bar

bucaneer bar

Our favourite of the three, this Milky Way style bar was delicious. The chocolate nougat is very similar to the inside of a Milky Way, both in taste and texture – just a little more chocolatey. The outer coating tastes great, and we think this bar would go down well with both vegans and non-vegans. If you only buy one, we’d recommend the Buccaneer bar.

Have you tried any of these vegan chocolate bars? Tell us what you thought.

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