Vegan Quorn Reviews (Fillets, Pieces and Burgers)

Have you managed to get your hands on the new vegan Quorn yet? It was tricky to find at first, but now seems to be available in a good amount of supermarkets. If you’re wondering whether or not to buy the new products, then our reviews + recipe suggestions below should help!

Can’t be bothered to read? The basic verdict is: they’re all good and definitely worth trying. The Hot and Spicy Burgers might divide opinions though. Scroll down for an in-depth look at each product.

Quorn Vegan Fillets Review

Quorn Meat Free Vegan Fillets

The most recently released product, these are very similar to the non-vegan Quorn fillets – we couldn’t really taste any difference. The taste and texture are very realistic. They don’t taste bad on their own, but seasoning definitely makes them a lot nicer.

You can use these anywhere you’d normally use chicken. We like to cover them in lemon and garlic, wrap in tin foil along with some onion and any other veggies you like, then bake for 20 minutes. Served with roast vegetables, stuffing and gravy this makes a really easy and delicious Sunday dinner. They’re not hugely filling, so two per person is generally a good idea.


We’re planning on trying these with a Nando’s-style marinade next. Let us know what you’ve tried them in!

Quorn Vegan Pieces Review

small quorn

These are really versatile and great in lots of different meals – anywhere you’d have chicken/meat pieces, basically. A nice simple way to cook them is by frying along with onion, garlic, chilli, cumin and turmeric, then serving with rice and vegetables. The turmeric gives them a nice colour, as they’re a bit pale.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 16.38.10

We’ve also tried them in tacos and fajitas, cooked in tomato sauce with pasta, and in a stew. They’re definitely nicest fried – cooking in a stew made them very soft and a little soggy, but not awful.

Since they’re so realistic, these pieces are an excellent option when cooking for non-vegans – there’s really not anything to dislike about them.

Quorn Vegan Hot and Spicy Burgers Review

Quorn Meat Free Vegan 4 Hot & Spicy Burgers

We loved this product, but have heard mixed reviews from others. The texture is very realistic, and similar to non-vegan Quorn burgers. The coating is nice and crisp and very well seasoned. The ‘hot and spicy’ name is certainly true, and if you’re not a fan of hot food then you might not enjoy these. We’ve found that the distribution of the flavour can be a bit hit and miss – some areas are very spicy, where others are quite plain.

We’d definitely recommend giving these a go – just keep a glass of water handy! They’re a really quick and easy option and will go with almost any side. We like them with the good old-fashioned chips and baked beans combo, but they’re also great with pasta, salad and veggies.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 16.37.50

What do you think of the new Quorn products? And what are you hoping they’ll release next? We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a good vegan mince.

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