Taifun Tofu-Wiener Review (Vegan Hot Dog!)

After sampling a delicious vegan hot dog at a recent festival, we were inspired to try making our own. We picked up a pack of four Taifun Tofu-Wieners from Waitrose for £3.50. They sell a few Taifun products, including some different flavours of tofu.

tofu wiener in packet

We thought that the hot dogs might need some seasoning, given the plain flavour that tofu normally has, but after consulting the ingredients were pleasantly surprised. The hot dogs are really well flavoured, and have an authentic look and smell straight out of the packet. Check out the ingredients below:

Tofu* 75% (Soya Beans* 55%, Water, Coagulating Agents: Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Sulfate), Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Soya Sauce* (Water, Soya Beans*, Wheat* Sea Salt),Oatmeal*, Sea Salt, Thickening Agent: Guar Gum*, Fenugreek*, Coriander*, White Pepper*, Black Pepper*, Sweet Paprika*, Hot Paprika*, Caraway*, Garlic*, Beech Wood Smoke, *Organically Grown Ingredients

How to cook Taifun Tofu-Wieners?

They were extremely easy to cook, although we did have to go to the website for instructions as there aren’t any on the packet. All you need to do is pop them in a bath of hot water for 3 to 4 minutes, until warmed through. They can also be eaten cold.

We went for the traditional option and stuck our hot dogs into buns, then topped with ketchup and mustard. You could go wild with toppings though – anything you’d have in a normal hot dog would be perfect.

How did they taste?

They were delicious! We really couldn’t tell any difference between these and a standard hot dog, and we doubt non-vegans would either. The taste and texture were both completely realistic. They were also more filling than expected – the picture below shows one hot dog broken in two, and this was more than enough for a snack.

cooked tofu hot dog 3

Have you tried these tofu-wieners, or any other Taifun products? Let us know your thoughts!

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