Morrison’s Vegan Meat Free Burgers Review

We recently spotted these meat free burgers in Morrison’s, advertising a ‘new and improved’ recipe, with a nice clear vegan label.

There are six burgers in a pack, and they’re an actual meat imitation, not the kind of vegetable burger with breadcrumbs that you often find in supermarkets. They’re mostly soya based, and you can see the full ingredients below.



The image on the front of the pack looked promising, and we weren’t disappointed. This was one of the nicest vegan burgers we’d tried, with a realistic taste and texture that wasn’t slimy or too dry. Stick one in a bun with ketchup and we reckon you’d struggle to tell they weren’t the real thing!


We cooked our burgers in the oven, but you can also grill or shallow fry them. We imagine they’d work well on a barbecue, too.

Our only real complaint was that the burgers were pretty small, and wouldn’t fill the average sized burger bun. This isn’t a major problem though, and certainly wouldn’t put us off buying them again.

We’re planning reviews of all the below products soon, plus the new vegan cheese from Sainsbury’s, so keep an eye on our blog. You can follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay up to date!


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