Sainsbury’s Cheddar-style with Caramelised Onion Vegan Cheese Review

Time for our third Sainsbury’s vegan cheese review, and this time we’re trying out their Cheddar-style with Caramelised Onion. This was definitely the most impressive in terms of melting. You can see our other reviews here: Wensleydale-style with Cranberries, and Garlic and Herb Soft Cheese.



The texture was realistic, and this cheese melted amazingly well – even down to bubbling up and browning on top. This makes it perfect for recreating cheese on toast and toasted sandwiches, or topping dishes like Shepherd’s Pie. We used it on top of croutons for soup, and it looked 100% authentic.


This cheese definitely had the strongest flavour out of those we’d tried to far, and also had a strong cheese smell. We reckon this one could divide opinions – it might be a bit intense if you’ve not eaten dairy cheese for a while, or prefer milder flavours.

It seems to have been popular with non-vegans, so could be a good option if you’ve recently given up dairy. The caramelised onion added a nice twist, and wasn’t too intense. We probably wouldn’t eat large amounts of this cheese at once, but think it’s great for melting as part of a meal.

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