Good Carma Flavour Fusion (Vegan Parmesan Alternative) Review

We’re reviewing a really interesting product today. It’s called Flavour Fusion, and is a vegan alternative to Parmesan cheese. Unlike other cheese alternatives, Flavour Fusion comes as a powder which can be stored in the cupboard, rather than shreds or a block that need to be refrigerated. We weren’t too sure what to expect from this product – read on to find out exactly what we thought.


We were sent two different varieties of Flavour Fusion – one original, and one garlic. The original flavour contains ground almonds, yeast flakes, Himalayan pink salt and basil, while the garlic variety swaps the basil for garlic. It’s a nice, simple ingredients list, ideal for anyone who prefers to avoid overly processed foods with long lists of hard-to-read ingredients.


When we heard that this cheese came in the form of a powder, we weren’t too sure what to expect. It’s actually a really soft powder with a pleasant consistency, similar to very fine breadcrumbs. It wasn’t at all coarse or grainy, and was perfect sprinkled on top of a meal.


The Flavour Fusion smelt good immediately after opening, and didn’t have any of the odd or off-putting aroma that’s sometimes a problem with vegan cheeses. We used the original flavour to top spaghetti bolognese, and it tasted great. The flavour was quite creamy, with a pleasant tang. It was mild enough that you could add quite a lot without it becoming overwhelming, and we imagine that you’d enjoy it even if you weren’t a fan of Parmesan. The garlic variety had a nice extra kick, and would be ideal for topping dishes that don’t have much flavour on their own, or as a seasoning for something like potato wedges.

We think Flavour Fusion could work well in all sorts of dishes. Aside from the obvious choice of pasta, we reckon it could be great as a way to add some mild cheese flavour to vegan pizzas, mashed potato, or breadcrumbs, or as a topping for any dish you’d bake in the oven.

We can imagine this becoming one of those products that you end up adding to almost everything you cook, since it’s so versatile. The product came in a handy shaker tube, and we think it would be ideal for taking out to restaurants that don’t stock vegan cheese.

Flavour Fusion is available to buy in select branches of Waitrose – you can see a full list of stockists on the Good Carma website. Good Carma are currently running a Veganuary sale in their online shop, where you can choose from their full range of flavours: original, garlic, and chilli.

Have you tried out this vegan Parmesan alternative? Let us know what you thought in the comments or on social media.


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