Wicked Kitchen Red Velvet Brownie Review

Have you tried the new Wicked Kitchen Red Velvet Brownie yet? It’s one of two new sweet options from the range, which is sold at Tesco. If you’re not sure whether to splash out on the brownie, this review should help!


The brownie weighs 390g and costs £4.50, which we don’t think is too bad. It might seem more expensive than other chilled cakes but pre-made vegan desserts are still quite rare, and this is the kind of thing you’d buy for a birthday or special treat. It’s also large and rich enough to serve a decent number of people.


The brownie looks delicious straight out of the box. It’s a neat square that’s kept in shape by extra cardboard and is topped with red lustred cocoa nibs which make it look a bit fancy. There’s a good brownie to icing ratio and it’s easy to cut into neat pieces.


The brownie has a rich, chocolate-y taste without being overly sweet. The raspberry flavour really comes through in the chocolate and raspberry ganache. We’d say you only need a small piece, which makes the dessert go a pretty long way. The brownie is quite dense with a nice cake-y texture. We reckon any chocolate fan will enjoy this — so long as they like raspberries.

We enjoyed the brownie chilled but it can also be microwaved or heated in the oven — a nice option for cold winter nights.


We really enjoyed this brownie and think it could make a great vegan birthday cake, office treat, or dessert for a family dinner. The price seems fair for what you get and the flavour is really good — we’re sure non-vegans would enjoy it just as much as vegans.

Have you tried the Wicked Red Velvet Brownie? What about the Charred Pineapple Dream Cake?

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