Jammie Dodgers are no longer vegan, with the addition of milk protein to their recipe, but don’t despair! There are plenty of alternatives to Jammie Dodgers readily available in the UK. See below for a few different varieties, and details on where to purchase them. Prewetts Free From Jammy Wheels Buy from Morrison’s Buy from Waitrose Buy from Amazon (Pack of 8 for £12) ASDA Free From Jammy Wheels Buy from Asda Tesco Jammy Rings Buy
We have moved! You’ll notice that myvegansupermarket.com now redirects to this site, myvegansupermarket.co.uk. Our location isn’t all that’s changed, though! Check out the full list of features and improvements below: Search for products by both supermarket AND category. For example, find all the vegan sweets in Tesco. More mobile and tablet friendly – you can now easily search and browse from a variety of devices. Detailed categories – find what you’re looking for with our new, more
I received these four products as part of the Lush Comfort and Joy Christmas Gift Set. The products came carefully packaged in a beautifully wrapped box, with plenty of packing peanuts to prevent them from getting damaged. A Lush catalogue was included in the box, which was a nice addition, and makes a change from browsing the website. The products were a nice mix of different styles and scents, but still complemented each other well.
Pizza Express is a great choice if you’re looking for vegan options. As well as serving a totally vegan pizza, they allow you to create your own with a range of toppings – all of their bases are dairy free. Several other dishes are vegan, or can be made vegan, with a few simple alterations. Check out the wide range of choices below. Intros Olives Marinate Marinated green pitted olives with garlic cloves and pink peppercorns Roasted
UPDATE 16/03/16: Quorn said this on Twitter: “Quorn Vegan products NOW available in selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Morrison stores. Visit: http://www.quorn.co.uk/vegan/“ Vegan Quorn is currently not as widespread as the more established vegetarian Quorn (writing in February 2016). If you’re struggling to track down the new products, check out the list of stockists from Quorn at the link below. ASDA and Waitrose are currently the only two supermarkets to stock vegan Quorn, with some carrying
Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to learn to cook! Plenty of meal kits are suitable for vegans with just a few alterations made to the recipe on the packet – check out the recipe below for a super easy, lazy way to make delicious vegan tacos. Serves: 4 | Time: 15 minutes Ingredients Taco kit (try Tesco’s own brand, which includes taco shells, seasoning, and salsa) Cauldron marinated tofu pieces 2 peppers 1 large onion
Surprisingly, Nando’s has a good selection of vegan options, and products that can be made vegan with minor alterations. All of their bastes are vegan, and non-meat products are basted and grilled separately from meat. The kids’ section of the menu offers some great options, and can make a perfectly filling meal with an extra side or two! Check out the guide below: Mains Veggie burger/pitta/wrap (ask for no mayo/yoghurt) A spicy soya and tomato

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