Ahh, the ultimate quick and easy comfort food – who doesn’t love something on toast? And being vegan doesn’t mean you don’t still have loads of yummy choices.  Buttery Spread Want something quick and easy? Try one of the lovely butter substitutes – Flora Dairy Free is popular for its realistic ‘buttery’ flavor, and Vitalite is a great budget option.  For something a little fancier, try Pure Olive Spread or Flora Freedom with Avocado Oil and 
Did you think going vegan meant no more delicious full English breakfasts? You’re wrong! Many aspects of a traditional fry-up are ‘accidentally vegan’, and it’s pretty easy to substitute anything that isn’t. Want some inspiration for your next breakfast? Keep reading for a list of delicious components to mix and match, as well as cooking and shopping tips. Don’t blame us if this post makes you hungry. Vegan Sausages Linda McCartney sausages are a popular choice
Want to shop for vegan products without spending a fortune? Interested in reducing food waste? You’ll enjoy this post. We’re sharing a few recent vegan finds from Approved Food, a website which specializes in selling surplus and short-dated stock at low prices. They sell big name brands, and plenty of what’s on offer is vegan-friendly. The products available vary and are always being updated, so you might not be able to find the exact items below,
Scratching your head over what to eat for Christmas dinner this year? Don’t fancy making another nut roast from scratch? Luckily, there are plenty of tasty vegan mains available to purchase in the UK, and we’re sharing some of the best. Tesco Festive Nut Roast With Mulled Wine And Cranberry Sauce This Festive Nut Roast from Tesco even comes with mulled wine and cranberry sauce! Clearly marked vegan on the front. Morrisons 2 Wholefood Roasts
  Worried that you’ll have to go without an advent calendar this year? Luckily there are plenty of vegan options available, and you don’t have to visit fancy health food stores or order online to find them! Check out our list of the best UK vegan advent calendars, all available in supermarkets or on the high street. Moo Free Advent Calendar Sold at Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, and Asda, between £3 and £5. Chocologic Free
Are you wondering where to get vegan ice cream in the UK? Or do you want to find out which vegan ice cream brands are worth splashing out on? To help you decide, we’re sharing our top ten vegan ice creams, most of which can be bought in normal UK supermarkets. For a full list that you can filter by supermarket, visit our ice cream section. 1. Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter and Cookies Ice Cream If you
Are you worried that you won’t have anything to give trick-or-treaters this year? Luckily, loads of sweets sold in normal UK supermarkets are vegan-friendly, and we’re sharing some of our favourites below. If you’d like to filter by supermarket to see what’s available near you, just head to our Sweets page and use the links on the right-hand side. Drumstick and Refresher Choos New this year, these Drumstick and Refresher Choos are a fun, nostalgic
These vegan banana flapjacks are the perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of tea, or even as part of your breakfast! This simple recipe uses fruit instead of golden syrup to bind the flapjacks, making them a bit healthier than their traditional counterpart. Read on for this super easy recipe. Makes 9 small flapjacks (or 6 large ones) Ingredients 150g oats 150g dates 1 tbsp vegan spread (or coconut oil) 1 large ripe banana 1