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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all the products on the site vegan?

Yes, all the products that we list are vegan. We do our best to keep everything updated, but ingredients can sometimes change, so always check before buying.

Do you list products containing palm oil?

We do list products containing palm oil, and encourage visitors to do their own research regarding this ingredient.

Some of the products listed say ‘may contain milk/eggs/etc’, are they still vegan?

Yes. Products are labelled this way due to a risk of cross contamination, which doesn’t make them non-vegan. You can read more about allergen labelling on the Vegan Society website.

Why aren’t products from *insert shop*¬†listed?

We currently only list products from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Morrison’s – this is because these shops are widely accessible in most areas of the country, and provide information about their products online.