Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Smoked Salmon

(12 customer reviews)

12 reviews for Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Smoked Salmon

  1. Marilyn Eden

    I discovered Sophie’s Kitchen too late- I tried it from my local Sainsbury’s and it was fabulous for me. No not entirely the same as smoked salmon but a wonderful refined fishy taste and one which I think I would eventually prefer to normal smoked salmon which is pretty much all farmed now and full of worms. Trouble is , Sainsbury’s no longer stock this and I don’t know if it’s temporary because of lockdown or permanent . If permanent we will have lost a great opportunity for vegan options in the UK to become more sophisticated

  2. Amanda Rosso

    Once you get over the texture it is a more than enjoyable vegan salmon.

  3. Amanda Rosso

    I have been vegetarian for more than 9 years now and I haven’t tasted salmon in so long. It was such a joy to have the chance to taste it again! Once you get over the texture it is delicious

  4. Bex

    Despite all the negative reviews my mum and I LOVED this!
    I’ve never eaten salmon before (maybe that’s why!) as I couldn’t stomach it, but my mum- being a pescatarian- still really enjoyed it and said how realistic it tasted.
    We ate it with cream sheeze on a bagel 🙂

  5. shaun bishop

    Just awful…
    one bit in the bin… yeuch …

  6. shaun bishop

    Just dreadful… bought from Holland and Barrett.. like rubber thin bread !
    Try this isn’t bacon cook just like smoke fish amazing texture!

  7. Jacob Flindt

    besides the texture, this is how I remember smoked salmon tasting (but been over 10 years so my memory might be faulty! Absolutely love it! And the texture we vegans learn to love.

  8. Fiona Hargreaves

    I didn’t care for it. The texture was like slimy floppy rubber. The taste was ok but I wouldn’t buy it again

  9. The Vegan Vamp

    I absolutely love this!

    Same texture and taste as smoked salmon but salmon friendly and vegan!

    Don’t know what witchery this is but keep it up Sophie!

  10. Lisa Gravett

    Totally unpalatable unfortunately, awful slimy texture and tasted nothing like salmon. One bite and in the bin.

  11. James

    This vegan smoked salmon is amazing, it smells like salmon and is great in a sandwich.

  12. Cat North

    0 stars this was absolutely disgusting and I had to bin it. Same for the prawns.

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