Tesco Free From Mac And Cheese 350G

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    Cooked Macaroni Pasta (39%), Water, Fortified Soya Milk, Coconut Oil Alternative To Medium Fat Hard Cheese (7%), Cornflour, Parsley, Mustard Powder, Yeast Extract, White Pepper, Cooked Macaroni Pasta contains: Water, Cornflour, Rice Flour, Fortified Soya Milk contains: Water, Soya Bean, Apple Extract, Calcium Carbonate, Sea Salt, Vitamins (Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D), Coconut Oil Alternative To Medium Fat Hard Cheese contains: Water, Modified Potato Starch, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch, Sea Salt, Rice Starch, Rice Protein, Flavouring, Olive Extract, Vitamin B12, Colour (Beta-Carotene)

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    19 reviews for Tesco Free From Mac And Cheese 350G

    1. Fauzia Khan

      This is probably one of the worst ” free from ” foods Ive ever had. Tasted it but couldn’t eat it. It was that bad. Threw it away. Waste of money. So expensive too.

    2. Fauzia Khan

      This was absolutely awful. Tasted it but just couldnt bring myself to eat it. One of the worse “free from” foods Ive ever had. Expensive too. Dont waste your money.

    3. Alex Kourti

      I can eat anything, but even I couldn’t stomach this. I have no idea how this is still on the shelves?!

    4. Alex Kourti

      I eat anything – but even I couldn’t stomach this – how is this product still on the shelves??

    5. Megan

      Its essentially peppered pasta. My mouth was burning from the amount of pepper. Never again.

    6. Claire

      My 2 year old loves mac’n’cheese but she spat this out. I managed one bite and the rest went in the bin. I’m not a fussy eater at all but I really couldn’t eat this. The smell, taste and texture of the sauce was revolting.

      There’s so many decent pasta sauces to be made I can’t fathom why people are still eating this.

    7. Matthew


    8. Liam

      The worst vegan alternative for any food I have ever eaten

    9. sarah Addy

      Vile. The worst thing we have ever tried to eat. Two forks in and we had to throw it away – outside, so the smell didn’t make us sick!

    10. Sarah LINCOLN

      If I could give this a 0 star rating I would. This product smells like the after taste of vomiting yet has no taste at all!

    11. Sazz

      If it were the zombie apocalypse and we were all out of food, I would still think twice about having this meal.

    12. Kerry

      I agree with the rest of the reviews, smells awful, tiny portion and very watery, couldn’t eat it at all.

    13. Katie

      Smelt like fermented vomit and very watery. Pretty grim.

    14. Merri

      This was so peppery it was painful!

    15. Anna

      I was kind of expecting this to be disgusting, but it’s really good! It’s very cheesy and takes me back to my childhood, BUT the serving is very small unfortunately.

    16. Roberta

      No taste.

    17. tammy

      this is amazing !

    18. Michaela

      Even one star is too much for what I would not even called food. No taste, no texture, simply disgusting. It is a pain sometimes to be celiac.

    19. Jackie bland

      Absolutely tasteless

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