Sainsbury’s Smokey Chipotle Beans with Quinoa Soup 400g

INGREDIENTS:Tomato (32%), Water, Black Turtle Beans (7%), Red Kidney Beans (7%), Butter Beans (7%), Onion, Sweetcorn, Red Pepper (5%), Green Pepper (5%), Chipotle Chilli Paste (Sugar, Red Pepper Juice, Molasses, Tomato Purée, Water, Salt, Chipotle Chilli, Smoked Paprika, Jalapeno Pepper, Onion Salt, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic Salt), Garlic Purée, Tricolour Rice Mix (Brown, Red and Wild), Rapeseed Oil, Tomato Purée, Quinoa (2%), Smoked Paprika, Jalapeno Chillies, Red Wine Vinegar, Demerara Sugar, Cornflour, Coriander, Salt.

Waitrose minestrone soup 600g

Ingredients Water, tomato (16%), onion, carrot, haricot beans (4%), tomato juice, courgette, tomato purée, red pepper, green beans, spinach, PASTA (1%) (durum wheat semolina, water), rapeseed oil, basil, garlic purée, potato starch, salt, basil infused sunflower oil, oregano, ground bay leaf, rosemary, sage

Tesco Finest Tom And Balsamic Soup 600G

Ingredients: Tomato, Tomato Juice, Roasted Tomato (4%), Onion, Tomato Purée, Balsamic Vinegar (1.5%), Agave Syrup, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Roast Garlic Purée, Black Pepper, Oregano, Thyme, Roasted Tomato contains: Tomato, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Garlic Powder, Oregano, Balsamic Vinegar contains: White Wine Vinegar, Grape Must Concentrate, Grape Must