2 No Bull Vegan Asian Burgers 200g



Rehydrated textured wheat protein 37.6%, (water, textured wheat protein, wheat flour), water, soya sauce 5.1% (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, spirit vinegar, alcohol, sugar), onion, sunflower oil, gelling agent: methylcellulose, black mushroom, soya bean sprout 3.1%, maltodextrin, wheat flour, rice flour, soya bean 1%, ginger, garlic purée, barleyflakes, wheat protein powder, thai basil, dehydrated onion, tomato concentrate, toasted sunflower seed, poppy seed, natural flavours, parsley, black sesame seed, salt, spices 0.1%, sugar, thyme, coriander powder 0.04%, aniseed 0.02%.


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